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Tenants application form must be completed in full and supplied with photo ID: Passport, photo driving license, , ID card & a Utility bill, 6 Months Bank Statements - for proof of rental payments & Income), for Self Employed Applicants – SA302 tax return.
dg Property Consultants standard Tenancy & Administration fees.

Tenants Immigration & ID Verification Check - £15 per person - paid & carried out prior to tenancy application.

Tenancy & Reference Fees are charged at - £300 per property.

 All fees are inclusive of vat at 20%

Tenancy Administration & Reference fees are charged at £300 per property, for tenancy above 3 applicants £150 will changed per additional tenant.
Guarantor’s administration & reference fee £150
Repeat Tenant administration & reference fee £150
Company administration & reference fee £300
This covers the cost of carrying out your credit status, Employment & Previous Landlord/Agent References and creating a contract for the tenancy.

Additional Tenancy fees chargeable during the tenancy.
All fees are inclusive of vat at 20%

Renewal of tenancy agreement - £60
Changing or adding an Occupier - £240
End of tenancy check out fee - £90
In addition and upon the completion of a successful application you will be asked to the pay one & half months deposit and if pets are accepted two months deposit, which will be protected under a deposit protection scheme.


We aim to be fair in all our dealings with you and understand that things do not always proceed as expected. Where a tenancy does not proceed you can expect us to deal with refunds as follows. 

If the references we receive do not match the information you provide on your application form you will not be entitled to a refund of the administration / reference fees. 

If your offer to rent is not accepted by the landlord you will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid. 

If you fail to move in to the property on the agreed date you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid in respect of the Tenancy Agreement, Reference Fees, Guarantors Fees or any deposit. 

If your references are not accepted by the landlord but do match with the information you have provided on your application form you will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.